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Spam “Your Bill Me Later notice” leads to Incognito exploit kit

Users have reported another malicious email message with subject “Your Bill Me Later notice” that states you have made a payment over the phone of $60.12 to Bill Me Later website. The email body is full of HREF links that point to a lot of malicious URLs, view a screenshot of the email message:

Your Bill Me Later notice

Email header details:

Received: from server.serverhk.net (69-164-193-60.magicnic.com [])
Received: from [] (helo=askokay.com) by server.serverhk.net with esmtpsa
Received: from [] by m1.gns.snv.thisdomainl.com with SMTP; Wed, 16 May 2012 21:04:47 +1000
Received: from [] by mailout.endmonthnow.com with NNFMP; Wed, 16 May 2012 20:54:02 +1000
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 20:50:24 +1000
From: "Advera" askokay@askokay.com
Subject: Your Bill Me Later notice

The malicious extracted URLs are:

hxxp:// www. studiobarsotti .it /3oXGcu61/index.html
hxxp:// www. eventosabsolue .com /qh8xhoi8/index.html
hxxp:// foxpublicidade .com .br /foRzthoD/index.html
hxxp:// www. studiobarsotti .it /GRYYEt3L/index.html
hxxp:// 76.12.158 .176 /3oXGcu61/index.html
hxxp:// 76.12.158 .176 /yWyXU9NU/index.html
hxxp:// www. eventosabsolue .com /ZmUaukzG/index.html
hxxp:// ewaleczek. cal24 .pl /5CY4dSwa/index.html
hxxp:// www. eventosabsolue .com /h03NraKE/index.html
hxxp:// foxpublicidade. com .br/yWyXU9NU/index.html
hxxp:// www. hso. co. jp/yWyXU9NU/index.html
hxxp:// zajacpiotr. hostit .pl /yWyXU9NU/index.html
hxxp:// zajacpiotr. hostit. pl /smWHegmd/index.html
hxxp:// ftp.joblines .sk /ri8ZKUip/index.html
hxxp:// www. sacmilani. com. ar /uvoNJPhk/index.html
hxxp:// foxpublicidade. com. br /smWHegmd/index.html
hxxp:// www. studiobarsotti .it /hTVbWtV1/index.html
hxxp:// jahu. com. br /FW3s2g0r/index.html
hxxp:// onecursos .com .br /foRzthoD/index.html
hxxp:// www. studiobarsotti .it /GRYYEt3L/index.html
hxxp:// www. studiobarsotti .it /yWyXU9NU/index.html
hxxp:// www. kayafamily .it /ZmUaukzG/index.html

Using URL Dump we can dump the HTML content:

Dumped HTML Content

From the dumped data, we can see it is the Incognito exploit kit.

Extacted malicious URLs:

hxxp:// bigdeal . my/ZyYJZ7F0/js.js

The malicious URLs redirect users to another malicious URL:

hxxp:// 69.163.34. 134 /showthread.php?t=977334ca118fcb8c

If we use URL Dump and we set the user-agent to Java, when we dump the content of the new malicious URL we can see it recognises from the user-agent that the user is using Java and the exploit tries to serve the infected Java applet:

Dumped Data

Link LinkedIn Mail leads to Incognito exploit kit

We have logged a new email that looks like to be sent by LinedIn:

Scam Email

The email header info shows it is a scam:

Received: from lhost10.forahost.net (server- [])
Received: from c9069568.static.spo.virtua.com.br ([]:49583 helo=fixnot.com.tr) by lhost10.forahost.net
Date: Fri, 04 May 2012 08:34:11 -0700
From: "Order" @fixnot.com.tr
Subject: Link LinkedIn Mail

The email body contains also few malicious links:

hxxp:// gopeshmathur .com/ZgUBqavg/index.html

The dumped content of the URL is clear a Incognito exploit kit:

Incognito exploit kit URLs

All the new malicious links are still alive and they redirect users to:

Incognito exploit kit

The Java exploit JAR files are downloaded from:

hxxp:// 50.116.8. 93 /data/Pol.jar
hxxp:// 69.163.34 .114 /data/Pol.jar
File: Pol.jar
Size: 15404 bytes
MD5: 020B0B477706596E71DE25286ED77991
SHA1: C196A7B07BFE3D3593E93F7D98E910FA8E63AFF6
SHA256: F76AC6983135C7A69B5F07BC762F1AA478E2D49489090AC66882BC8065D1862B
SHA384: 9C6BF2971E1F86588A9A08A3F18C096FBC62A42CE6927E0A7D0AFDB56DA01DBC4A6F72F742CC62B510FC1085221753D5
SHA512: 5464424E028620C4821B740B89787C7A75E6A56401F98BD15BA94F1A9268D54411E41E97DAE86468F4BDA54160A023DCC45F134E97BC6655E31C9274F8A21FC0

The JAR file exploits the vulnerability in the Java Runtime Environment component of Oracle Java SE (CVE-2012-0507), more details from the oracle.com website:

Vulnerability in the Java Runtime Environment component of Oracle Java SE (subcomponent: Concurrency). Supported versions that are affected are 7 Update 2 and before, 6 Update 30 and before and 5.0 Update 33 and before. Easily exploitable vulnerability allows successful unauthenticated network attacks via multiple protocols. Successful attack of this vulnerability can result in unauthorized update, insert or delete access to some Java Runtime Environment accessible data as well as read access to a subset of Java Runtime Environment accessible data and ability to cause a partial denial of service (partial DOS) of Java Runtime Environment.

Other malicious Incognito exploit kit URLs:

hxxp:// ftp.coden .com .br /BhxC8VrP/index.html
hxxp:// generalcontractorsnc .com/nUUyHyvy/index.html
hxxp:// mccgedvalenca .com .br/JFs10e34/index.html
hxxp:// radiooisvira .com /mRpNLgWY/index.html
hxxp:// statisticsolympiad .org /gR2aietM/index.html

URLVoid scan reports:

http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/gopeshmathur .com
http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/jombangit .com
http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/shahinvestment .com
http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/mazyamana .com
http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/ftp.coden .com .br
http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/generalcontractorsnc .com
http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/mccgedvalenca .com .br
http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/statisticsolympiad .org
http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/radiooisvira .com