URLVoid API v2.0

URLVoid API is a free service (for non commercial use) that allow users to query our database of already analyzed domains and receive, in XML format, detailed details about each submitted domain. The URLVoid API supports multiple domains in one single query, so you can submit 250 domains and receive details of each domains in just few seconds.

An example of XML output is this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<details domain="google.com" last_scan="1344104440" detected="0" lists_detected="" />
	<details domain="xxxtoolbar.com" last_scan="1344524302" detected="10" lists_detected="MyWOT,SCUMWARE,MalwareBlacklist,hpHosts,BrowserDefender,Malware Patrol ,DNS-BH,GoogleSafeBrowsing,SURBL,WebSecurityGuard" />
	<details domain="ysweb.com" last_scan="1343484791" detected="0" lists_detected="" />

As you can see, you receive useful info:


The name of the domain submitted.


The date of the last available report.


The number of blacklist engines that have detected the domain.

lists_detected="MyWOT,SCUMWARE,MalwareBlacklist,hpHosts,BrowserDefender,Malware Patrol ,DNS-BH,GoogleSafeBrowsing,SURBL,WebSecurityGuard"

The name of each blacklist engines that have detected the domain.

How can I obtain an API key ?

The service needs a special key to being used and you can request your own API key by contacting us at info (at) novirusthanks (dot) org with the subject Request for URLVoid API Key, please include the following details:

1) Your Name
2) Your Email
3) Your Company
4) Your Website URL
5) Small description on how you are going to use URLVoid API

All your details will not be shared in any way and will be strictly private and used only to assign the API key to your email, nickname and website. After we have received your email, we will send in few days your API key to your email. Please note that you need to respect the following terms to use correctly our free API:

1) Not include/use the API in commercial products or services
2) Not use the API as substitute for Security products
3) Not use the API in unethical services
4) Include a backlink to our website (urlvoid.com)
5) Not abuse the service usage
6) Not use the API in services where you have no control

Non-compliance with these rules will result in the termination of your account/API key without prior notification and you will not be able to use the service.

For any other questions just send us an email. We recommend to follow our blog or our Twitter account to stay always updated with news and changes about this service.